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What is Solventless extraction?

Everyone has heard of concentrates, but there are many different ways to create these unique medicines. Hash rosin is produced by a solventless extraction method, meaning we do not use any type chemical to create our concentrate. Other popular methods of extraction use BHO and CO2 to produce their concentrates. All these methods make for some great flavors and experiences, but there is something special about hash rosin and we hope you we can help you experience the terps for yourself.

Single Source

Great hash rosin is made with high quality flower. At Just Jane Extracts we use our inhouse flower from our partner company Just Jane. By being single source, we are able to control each step. From havest, to prep to packagaing.

Our Current Flavors


Cookies OG Live Hash Rosin


MAC X GMO Hash Rosin


Gelato Hash Rosin

Jane Extracts Live Rosin

Peanut Butter Breath Live Rosin

Mendo Breath Live Rosin

Mendo Breath Live Rosin

Hash Roin in the Lab

Jane Extracts Live Rosin

Peach Juice Rosin